Foot Fighting Bella (Bella Ink vs JB)


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JB takes on Bella Ink once again in another chapter of their one sided rivalry. The two combatants tie up and JB gets his beautiful blonde opponent down. JB further gains advantage with a few punches. Bella hits JB with an elbow to even things out but JB lifts Bella up while she’s trying to scissor his torso and slams her to the bed. They go back and forth trying to keep their respective advantage. JB finishes her off with a bearhug and a hold that makes Bella go night night.

JB thinks that he’s won and starts relishing his victory. Bella wakes up and applies the same slumber hold to JB. Bella then shows why she’s the foot fighting queen. She sits on JB and smothers his jobber face with her incredible feet. JB loves feet and devours Bella’s luscious heels and toes. JB’s tongue is working overtime as he licks sucks and deep throats Bella’s feet. Bella smothers him with her feet leaving JB an jobber mess on the bed.