JB LOVES BBC! (Big Booty Constance) Constance vs JB 3


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It’s been a long time, but JB takes on Constance for the third time. Constance looks great in a shiny thong leotard and pantyhose. They tie up and JB gains advantage with some clubbing forearms to Constance’s lower back. JB bodyslams Constance and follows that up with a torture rack.

The pink pantied jobber is gloating. Constance seizes the advantage by hitting JB with a low blow. Constance hits JB with some knees. She applies the “Constance grapevine” and adds a few stomps for good measure. Constance throws JB into the wall and performs a wall splash. Pervy JB grabs Constance’s booty. This enrages Constance who tells JB that he can’t touch BBC (Big Booty Constance).

She hits him with the BBC special and JB goes down. Constance finishes him off with a DDT and some facesitting. As she leaves her defeated opponent on the mat she makes JB declare his love for BBC.