BJJ JB (Ms. Bones vs JB)


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MS Bones makes her Curvy Girl Wrestling debut. She is an accomplished BJJ practitioner. She takes on JB in his pink singlet. Bones mocks JB and his “pink onsie”. The two opponents lock up and Bones executes a throw that has JB on his back. She quickly applies an armbar making JB tap out quickly. They tie up once again. This time JB gets behind Bones with a gutwrench. Ms Bones is not impressed. JB turns into a boob grab and she is not happy. Three well placed elbows makes JB release his hold. Bones reverses the gutwrench and throws JB to the mat once again.

A low blow and bodyslam by JB gains him the advantage, but Bones is able to trip JB. A RNC subdues JB and a kick wakes him up. Ms. Bones offense continues with some knees and a reverse Guillotine. She places him in a crucifix and finishes him off with a splash.

Ms. Bones is local and available for customs.