Jobber Bitch Boy


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JB has already lost to Felicia Fisher once, and he does not want to lose again. Felicia is confident that she will win once again because she has an additional quite large extra advantage in her leggings. They start off with Felicia taunting JB about his previous loss. Horny JB gains advantage and when the opportunity arises he feels up Felicia. Felicia suffers in a camel clutch, and JB’s infamous boob clutch. JB puts Felicia in a hold. Felicia wakes up and starts to beat up JB. JB tries to mount some pervy offense with his dry humping wrestling technique.

Felicia makes JB pay for his mistake. She reveals her monster horse cock dildo. JB tries to resist , but Felicia smacks him with the dildo and makes him submit and him to suck her dildo. JB is surprisingly very good at sucking dildos, which makes Felicia wonder where he obtained his skills. Eventually, Felicia gets so turned on that she cums all over JB’s face.