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This rematch was also made as a custom. Once again, Dan and JB meet in a living room for some underground wrestling. Once again wearing masks and JB wearing an incredible pair of shorts with a cock sheath. They lock up and JB applies a headlock. Dan places his hand between JB’s legs and squeezes his bulge. JB falls forward and Dan places JB in a camel clutch. Dan starts to dry hump JB and places him in a full nelson exposing JB’s sheathed cock. JB gets thrown onto the couch where Dan fondles him. Dan shoves JB’s face into his crotch before posing that jobberboy ass for the camera. Dan places JB on his back and face sits JB. Dan puts JB in a sleeper and continues to fondle him. A reverse bearhug further weakens our jobberboy and Dan finishes JB off with a spladle handjob.