Fiesty Feminista and Clever the Brave vs Felicia Fisher and JB


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We open up in a warehouse and in a back alley we find JB and Felicia in pink outfits fighting Clever and Fiesty Feminista both clad in black bodysuits. JB and Felicia are on the receiving end of belly punches. Feisty and Clever have both JB and Felicia in headlocks and ram their jobber heads together. Feisty and Clever apply stack the jobbers together and apply a double bearhug. They even put tiny Felicia in JB’s armband continue the double bearhug, leaving the two jobbers stacked up against the wall. They two heels then pick up Felicia and use her as a battering ram into JB’s stomach. The heels then take turns performing running splashes against the stacked jobbers who fall stacked on top of each other. Matching camel clutches further weaken the pink duo. Multiple stomps on JB’s and Felicia’s back bring them back and Fiesty picks up JB and slams him to the mat. One more 69 body stack with Felicia on top of JB and the final humiliation of rubbing Felicia’s dirty soles in JB’s face.