Lora Cross vs JB


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JB takes on the great Lora Cross in a sex wrestling match that can only be described as unbelievable. The two opponents face off, but Lora insists on a frisk first. The two hardbodied opponents feel each other up admiring each other’s bodies and we then begin the match. The two opponents tie up in a collar and elbow struggling to gain control. JB gets behind Lora and obtains a gutwrench. The red pantied jobber gives Lora a front wedgie. Lora reverses the hold and gets JB in a gutwrench returning the front wedgie.

The two opponents regroup and tie up once again. This time Lora gains the advantage with a hip check to JB. She follows this up with a snap mare throwing JB on the bed. Our muscular beauty mounts JB for control and proceeds to perform a reverse facesit to exert her dominance. JB powers out and gets Lora’s face into his crotch. The two end up in a 69 scissor pile. They both release each other and go straight to simultaneous bearhugs.

Lora knows JB’s many weaknesses and pulls his jobber cock out of his red panties and starts jerking him off. JB gets weaker and weaker but somehow manages to hit a low blow out of desperation. Horny Lora grinds against JB’s forearm. JBPulls down Lora’s leotard exposing her breasts. JB starts doing JB things as he starts to hump Lora’s muscular ass. He strips his opponent and places her in a over the shoulder backbreaker rubbing her pussy at the same time. JB tries to whip Lora into a wall but she reverses it. The only person hornier than JB is Lora so they both start to grind, kiss, and fondle each other.

Wrestling is an afterthought as these two combatants are all over each other. Lora finally gains the advantage with a series of belly punching/jerk off moves to JB. In an incredible display of strength Lora picks up JB over the shoulder and slams him to the bed. She strips JB and sits her naked pussy on his jobber face. JB satisfies his opponent who finishes him off with a ballplex and a spladle.

Lora treats herself to the spoils of her victory by mounting loser JB’s BBC for one last orgasmic ride.