Dolce Vandela vs JB 3


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Dolce is stinging from her only loss to JB Loser Cums First and she vows revenge. JB is feeling pretty cocky that he can get 2 wins in a row. Dressed in his usual jobber pink, JB and Dolce (looking hot in her pink sports bra and blue thong) start talking smack to one another. Dolce attacks first and places JB in a headlock. JB suplexes his curvy blonde opponent. They struggle for  control with Dolce getting on top.

She then proceeds to dominate her foe. She twists him up like a pretzel. She applies various scissors on his hapless jobber body. He does get to enjoy some breast smothering. JB tries to fight back but is no match for his thick blonde opponent. JB must really like losing to Dolce because he is sporting a huge erection that cannot be contained in his pink jobber panties. Dolce applies a wedgie, strips JB of his pink panties, and applies numerous splashes until he is finally incapacitated by her and dragged off screen. This is classic Dolce crushing a very aroused JB.