Maggie Dubonet vs JB_The Complete Collection


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Maggie Dubonet makes her mixed wrestling debut against JB. In Part One we start with a hotel room match where each fighter gives a pre-match interview. They then start to wrestle. Maggie gains the advantage until JB hits her with a punch to the stomach, he then gets behind her and tries to squeeze her boobs, but they are so big her can’t get his puny jobber hands around them. He makes the mistake of trying to pick her up for a body slam and she squashes him. She then proceeds to choke him out with a front face lock. Maggie gets JB back onto the bed with a snap mare. She then performs a neck scissor and crushes with an amazing butt drop.

In part 2 Maggie in her martial arts gi top has a rematch against JB. They tie up and Maggie gains the advantage by working JB’s arm. She performs a hip toss. He trips her and applies a cross-legged chin pull. JB manages to choke her with her own martial arts belt. He even lifts her up for a bearhug. A perfect low blow by Maggie evens things up and she destroys JB with knees, crotch grabbing, chokes, belly smothering, and spanking. She finishes the match with an over the shoulder slam and pin. She strikes a victory pose on top of JB who is hogtied with her belt. Maggie is still available for customs.