Felicia Fisher vs JB


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JB challenges Felicia to a fight because he heard that she’s been calling him a punk. JB charges her and easily gets the upper hand. With Felicia trapped in a corner, JB unbuttons her top and reveals her tiny, perky tits. He completely owns her in almost every way. He does back breakers while teasing her clit and picks her up in a sixty nine and jams her face into his crotch…how embarrassing. But, just when he thinks he’s about to win, Felicia surprises him and is finally able to get the upper hand…but not without a fight. She finally gets him to the ground and teases him while she sits on his face. He’s defeated. 3…2…1…Felicia wins! Oh you didn’t know? JB lost so he has to worship Felicia’s feet. He crawls in and immediately goes to work on her toes and soles while she berates him for losing to her.