Rachel Adams vs JB 5 (New Look Same JB)


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“New outfit! New JB! declares JB as he is posing in his JB new pink outfit. He is wearing a pink thong leotard that is definitely showing off his muscles. As JB poses, his rival Rachel, looking absolutely incredible in a purple sling shot bikini. She showers him in a barrage of reverse punches. Rachel places JB in a headlock and follows it up with some punches leaving JB in his favorite position; face down ass up.

She stands JB up and applies a front and rear wedgie to make him suffer some additional humiliation.Rachel throws JB into the bed where he starts humping. Rachel is so amused that she jumps on top of JB and starts to hump her opponent also.

Rachel rolls JB onto his stomach and locks him a camel clutch burying his jobber face into her incredible feet. She shoves her toes into JB’s mouth and JB sucks and licks Rachel’s feet. Rachel throws JB into the wall and splashes him, but pervy JB still manages to grab Rachel’s amazing ass.

Rachel puts JB into a headlock and flips him onto the bed. Rachel applies a reverse pedigree crushing JB’s face into her ass. A ten count puts JB away once and for all.