2024 Shoots


Happy New Year Everyone!

As we are already one month into 2024 I wanted to make my first blog post of the year about upcoming shoots:

I have already shot with Ziva Fey on January 7 and we shot some pro-style bed wrestling and a topless Wedgie War clip. It’s so much fun working with Ziva and she will be back later this year.

My next tentative shoot will be in March with Fyona Ryder.

This blonde curvy well known catfighter has been away from the wrestling scene but is returning to action with a vengeance. She has several catfights scheduled already but I believe this is the only known mixed wrestling shoot she has booked so far. It will probably be an erotic mixed wrestling pro-style match. Should I put on a bikini and have a mixed catfight to get her ready?

March is my big trip to California. On March 23rd I am shooting with Alexandria Hamilton and Athena Law from Modest Moms Wrestling one of the best fantasy wrestling producers in the business. Alexandria has not shot with male talent in several years and I will be only the second male to ever shoot with her. I am honored to have that opportunity. Two of the best fantasy wrestling jobbers in the business getting together. Do you want to see the ultimate battle of the jobbers? The ultimate jobber tag team? 3-way dance? Fem vs fem?

On March 25 I will be in Orange County, California. I will be shooting with Ashlee Graham


and Kristie Etzold.

Both ladies have been in the industry for a while and are accomplished wrestlers. Ashlee and I will be shooting some erotic mixed wrestling in both a bedroom setting and possibly in a ring. Kristie is shooting a mixed handicap match taking on JB and Ashlee. If there’s time Kristie and JB will take on each other. If you want to see a certain matchup (Ashlee vs Kristie or JB vs Kristie) you have to order a custom or sponsor the match.

On April 14 I will be shooting with Constance and Andi. We will be shooting solo mixed wrestling, mixed handicap, possibly some topless or nude content (depending on interest)

On April 20 I will be shooting sex wrestling with Lora Cross

Models that I haven’t booked, but will definitely shoot with this year include:

Rachel Adams

Ashley Rose

Monica Merlot

Ziva Fey (again)

Bettie Brickhouse

Clever Brave

If there is someone that you would like to see me shoot with this year let me know I can see if we can make this happen. 

Possible shoots:

I am thinking about going to FetishCon this year. I haven’t attended in several years, so I am looking to go. I couldn’t add Vegas to my West Coast trip this time but am hoping to make it out there for a weekend to shoot.

I ran a poll about what non-wrestling B/G content my fans wanted to see and the most popular choice was “dry humping” followed by foot fetish and pantyhose/panty encasement. So be on the lookout for more of that content. I am so excited to shoot more of this content. There will still be plenty of erotic fantasy mixed wrestling content being produced. I will never forget my wrestling fans. 

If you’re thinking that you would love to see a certain move in one of these upcoming shoots that is possible. I know that money is tight and you might not be able to afford a custom. That’s okay. You can Contact Us and give me suggestions of content/moves that you want to see. Good ideas that go along with the type of content that I produce might be added to a shoot. You could also sponsor a move or two. If you want to see a certain move send $10 or $20 and I can include that move specifically for you and send you the clip. The more that you sponsor the more input you get to put in. For $20 and above I will send you the sponsored clip and an additional clip. If you do want a custom that can be done. Start by filling out the Custom Request Form

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