Types of fans

I love my fans! I love their support. Their encouragement and interaction means the world to me. There are different types of fans mostly good, a few bad and I wanted to talk about some of them. For full transparency I will reveal which type of fan I am.

Fans of the model: 

They will buy any content that the model appears in no matter what the genre. They love the model performing in her usual style and they also love seeing the model out of character doing different things. The fans devour material seeing the model in her regular life especially on social media. Fans will send tips and purchase gifts. They love everything about that model.

The only thing that could be worrisome is that the fan could develop an unhealthy obsession with the model leading to cyberstalking, etc. They might not be able to separate the character  from the real person. Before I became a producer I was a fetish fan, and I purchased a lot of content from other producers. As a fan I loved Nancy Novak. She was a curvy blonde with a juicy booty who worked during the 1980’s-2000’s. She was a PAWG before it became popular.  She wrestled, but also did other fetishes. She was one of the first sex wrestlers. As a fan of her I bought her wrestling videos, her foot fetish videos, even videos from her company that didn’t feature her. 

I had a session with her which was the best session I ever had. I got to go out to lunch with her and got to know her, she was a really interesting person. If social media was big back then I would have followed her. BUT I would have understood that our relationship was client/provider or content creator/customer. I would never try to meet her outside of sessions or communicate outside of our professional relationship.

Fans of the character: 

They see the model in one way only. For example they like JB but only want to see him losing while wearing panties and sporting a huge erection making funny faces. They don’t want to see him performing other fetish acts. They don’t want to see him in other outfits. They don’t want him to win.

For me, as a fan, that’s Alexandria Hamilton of Modest Moms Wrestling. She’s one of the best jobbers in the business. She’s curvy and gorgeous and sells so well. She also has an alter ego Harley Hamilton who is a heel. The character is great but I prefer to see Alexandria.

Fans of the producer:

They like all or most of the content that the specific producer makes. They only order clips and customs from this specific producer. They like the producer’s style, talent roster, etc.

There were several producers I purchased from regularly but not one single producer that I love exclusively. 

Fans of the genre:

They have a fetish and enjoy content from multiple producers and multiple models. They like sex wrestling or scissors videos and have a collection from all corners of that fetish world.

They have favorite producers/models but are willing to purchase from other producers including new ones. This is also me. I am a fan of several genres but wrestling is my original fetish and I have a collection of over 50 wrestling videos.

Haters and Trolls:

All they do is criticize content. They complain about everything. They complain about the lighting, the outfits, the moves, the models. They’re angry because they’re jealous. They want to be a producer or talent in the fetish videos. Or they enjoy deliberately trying to offend or attack. They are obviously insecure people who have nothing better to do. 


These are the fans to the fetish in it’s original and pure form and they only like the fetish that way. Anything else is sacrilege. It’s different from having a preference. “I only like the models to be wearing authentic wrestling gear!” “I don’t want to see other fetishes included.” “Catfights can only be done in garters and stocking or bikinis.” It has to be done one way and one way only. Purists can also overlap into the nostalgic fan.

Nostalgic fans:

These fans hate the evolution of the genre. They resist change and look back fondly on the past. “Today’s wrestlers aren’t as good as the pioneers of the genre.” You can appreciate the classics and still enjoy the newer material.

Details freak:

These fans notice every minute detail and every inconsistency. “ The model’s left arm was at a 45 degree angle and in the next cut it’s at 80 degrees.” I notice details in videos all the time. As a producer I have an eye for those things, but I don’t let it rob me of the joy of watching the video. The details fan will notice everything and are not happy about it. They pay more attention to an object on the floor than the fighting action.

So I am a fan of the character, a fan of the model, and fan of the genre.

Which fan are you?

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