The Way Too Early 2024 Plans


I know that it’s September, but in the producer world I am already looking ahead to 2024. Here is what I am planning: (PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE NOT CONTACTED ANYONE YET AS I AM STILL IN THE PLANNING STAGES!)

I’m hoping to make a trip out west. I’m looking at Vegas, California, maybe Arizona in March. Maybe Evolved Fights, Sydeny Screams, Cass Cummings, Caroline Pierce, Alexandria Hamilton, Fem Wrestling Rooms Ring. (wrestling with Rick and some of the Arizona based models like Irene Silver, Ziva Fey, or Tracy Jordan)

Going Back to Ohio for some ring wrestling.(Ohio based talent include Liz River, Rachel Adams, Fit Claire Irons, Izzy Robbins)

Hoping to make a trip down to Atlanta to shoot with Danny Jobber and Faith.

Maybe Fetcon in August so I can see my Florida peeps like  Gia Love, Terra Mizu, Whitney Morgan, Bailey Rage and hoping to work with Ayla Aysel and others.

Already have shoots scheduled with Ziva Fey, Lora Cross. Constance and I will be shooting once again.

Definitely shooting with Ashley Rose, Bettie Brickhouse, Rachel Adams, Trisha Black in 2024.


For my male vs male fans I might be shooting with BG East.

I plan on doing more pantyhose based content, maybe using the leotard as my outfit more. Also thinking about adding a permanent jobber partner to become a jobber couple ready for clips and even some sessions.


Who do you want to see me shoot with in 2024? Send a DM, email, reply to this post.



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