2 Jobbers for the Price of One-Chapter 2


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Our sexy jobber duo JB and Trisha make the terrible decision of following up their humiliating loss to Mellissa (Two Jobbers for the Price of One )by taking on one of the most powerful wrestlers in the scene Bettie Brickhouse. They changed their outfits to black to appear more intimidating. Oh no! They even have the nerve to talk smack and flex for their opponent. They try to overpower Bettie with forearms across her back, but Bettie flips them off of her like they are tiny insects. Bettie then brutalizes the sexy jobber couple. She bashes both of their jobber bellies, and applies a double skull crusher and double temple drill leaving them in a drooling cross-eyed mess. Bettie applies an incredible double full nelson and a double chin pull. Bettie places them in a double neck scissor while the two jobbers spoon each other. Bettie stops before breaking her toys and continues the onslaught with a wall splash. The dominant Bettie then applies an incredible forced stink face pushing JB’s face into Trisha’s spectacular ass.


Then Bettie pulls off one of the most incredible feats of strength by lifting both incompetent jobbers over her shoulder for arguable one of the greatest lift and carries ever! She pins the jobber couple for her victory and cuts a post-victory promo as the two sexy jobbers grind and hump each other in jobber ecstasy. You can put these sexy jobbers into your own sexy humiliating scenes by ordering your own custom Customs