Loser Cums First


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THERE IS NO WRESTLING IN THIS VIDEO! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN!!! JB and Dolce Vandela have been wrestling    each other for the past 9 months and their matches have becoming increasingly hotter. This time there is no wrestling , its a “Loser Cums First Match”. Words cannot describe how incredible Dolce looks in a see through white thong bodysuit. As the introductions are made, Dolce thinks that JB doesn’t stand a chance against her. They go after each other like 2 horny sluts. Dolce knows everything that turns JB on and she uses everything in her arsenal to make JB the first to cum. She makes him suck her toes while she gives him a blow job because she knows that he adores her feet.  How JB holds out is unknown but somehow he does. 


 JB stays quiet trying not to succumb to that amazing body and mouth, and pussy. They suck, they fuck, JB even plays dirty by pulling out a Hitachi. Perhaps Dolce underestimated her opponent because JB still doesn’t cum and he fucks Dolce to the brink of an orgasm several times. She even return the favor by using the Hitachi on JB’s balls while jerking and sucking him off. Finally JB achieves victory and makes his opponent cum.   Since she has lost, Dolce wants to get some more orgasms and does JB makes her cum again. Dolce admits that she has lost but still wants JB to cum. Does she achieve her goal? Let’s just say a rematch is in the works and Dolce promises to get revenge and to make JB cum first.