Belle du Jour vs JB


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We fade in on Belle du Jour the Futanari Queen cutting a promo about dominating JB. They circle each other and Belle overpowers the pink pantied jobber. She shoves his face into her crotch. Belle uses her incredible strength to put JB in a bear hug throwing him on the couch straddling him.

Ms. du Jour comments on how aroused JB is as he is being humiliated losing to her. Bella grinds her crotch on JB and jerks him off. JB tries to escape but the Futanari Queen grabs him by his pink panties and clotheslines him. She does a back breaker all the while rubbing all over JB’s luscious body, especially his very aroused cock. Belle throws the excited jobber to the mat and continues to feel up his hot jobber body.

JB is so aroused that he starts humping the air. Belle sets JB up for a lap dance. She breast smothers JB. JB’s cock can’t even stay in his pink jobber panties leaving a huge pre-cum stain. Belle finished JB off with a choke slam and further humiliates the pink panty wearing jobber with a humping matchbook pin. Belle then spends the next 5 minutes claiming her prize by face sitting JB and rubbing his BBC. JB is completely mesmerized by Bella’s gifts a he squeezes and caresses her luscious breasts. Bella face fucks JB until she cums and finishes him off by grinding against his crotch and flexing making JB declare her “Futanari Superiority”

Wait until you see Part 2-The Nude Rematch.