Ashley Rose and JB vs YOU


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You sneak into the hotel room of Ashley Rose and JB and hide. Ashley and JB enter after a workout. The tag team looks incredibly hot in their matching red outfits. They discover you cowering and confront you. Ashley grabs you and drags you out of your hiding place. They tease you with their hot bodies and then the attack begins. A barrage of punches and kicks lay you flat on your back. It all goes black until you wake up to see Ashley and JB standing above you.

They pick you up and push you into the wall. A series of running splashes weaken you further. Ashley foot smothers you and and then she shows off her lovely ass. To add further insult JB grabs his partner’s butt further teasing you.

As they walk away you groan and the turn back around to beat you up some more and you hit them both with a low blow. The two jobbers hug each other and you add another low blow. They start to grind and hump each other. You see some plastic wrap and get and idea. We then see the two jobbers in a plastic wrap tie pushed over by you. The two jobbers are squirming and struggling as you laugh.