Goddess Fina vs JB


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JB has been talking smack on social media about his upcoming match with Goddess Fina. JB even has the audacity to make fun of the Goddess’ name. They tie up and JB gains the early advantage with a headlock.Fina flips JB and goes on offense. She goes for an armbar but JB resists until Fina places her gorgeous feet on JB’s face. She cranks that armbar making JB tap and making Fina ignore the taps. The Goddess transitions into a scissor that traps JB’s arms. She then applies a schoolgirl pin into a grapevine. Fina scissors JB’s legs and tickles the blue thonged jobber’s feet making him laugh throughout his painful ordeal.


JB made a critical mistake because Fina broke a nail. She takes her wrath out on JB. She spanks his jobber ass, and then facesits him. More scissors and a devastating camel clutch further weakens the jobber. She even applies an amazing foot temple drill. She then kicks the jobber off the mat and flexes for the camera.