Autumn Bodell vs JB


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We start off with Ms. Autumn Bodell talking about her opponent JB who she calls a clown. JB does not take kindly to those words and attacks her with a pair of chops to the neck. Wearing red panties with matching kneepads he bodyslams the statuesque beauty. He follows that up with an airplane spin that dizzies Autumn.

JB continues the onslaught by knocking Autumn down. He spreads Autumn’s legs and starts rubbing her crotch. Pervy JB then flips Autumn onto her stomach and starts dry humping her. Autumn manages to turn over on to her back and hugs JB around his neck and squeezes. She gets him on the floor and then proceeds to ground and pound poor jobber JB while straddling him.

Autumn is now in control as she picks up the jobber and places him in an abdominal stretch throwing some punches and adding a ball grab for good measure. She finishes off with a stunner. Autumn then enjoys her victory by straddling JB one more time grinding against his erection getting more and more aroused until she climaxes on his jobber crotch. The victrix then leads her bitch boy JB off the screen.