JB vs Gia Love


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JB in his usual jobber pink panties and pink kneepads takes on Florida’s own Gia Love who looks incredible in her purple thong bikini. They engage and Gia easily places JB in a chicken wing hold. JB somehow reverses it and works Gia’s left arm. JB applies a combo boob lift/crotch grab and throws his curvy opponent into the corner. The pink panted jobber hits Gia with several shoulder blocks. Gia powers out of a “slumber” hold from JB and put him back into a chicken wing. JB counters with an atomic drop, but Gia gains control with a headlock and a figure four neck scissors.

By some miracle JB escapes but a well placed low blow and an incredible fireman carry by Gia is followed up by a face sit as Gia yells out, “We’re playing dirty now!” She mauls JB’s crotch. A combo facesit/matchbook pin further humiliates the pink pantied jobber. Gia wraps JB’s arm into the ropes and belly punches him multiple times including pulling out his pink panties and giving him a dick punch. JB drops to the mat. Gia further humiliates her opponent with a stinkface. She further toys with JB until she finally secures a pin and kick the pathetic jobber out of her ring. If you like wedgies given to males, Gia applies several wedgies to JB’s pink panties.