Bailey Paige vs JB


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JB, appearing this time in a blue thong and blue knee pads takes on Bailey Paige looking fantastic in a yellow one-piece and pantyhose. The 2 combatants circle each other. JB gains advantage with a series of rapid moves culminating in a body-slam and JB flexing over his of his sexy opponent.


Pervy JB applies a reverse bearhug with a crotch rub to Bailey.JB whips a weakened Bailey into the corner and attempts a corner splash but runs into Bailey’s pretty pantyhose clad foot. JB tries to run into the corner again, but runs into a neck scissors. Bailey drags the pathetic jobber into the corner and performs a reverse Banzai drop.


Bailey crushes JB’s pathetic jobber crotch with her pretty feet. She rakes his eyes across the ring ropes and continues the feet to crotch mauling before applying a devastating DDT to the pathetic jobber.