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JB lost to Constance once before and is back for revenge. The two opponents circle each other and lock up. JB gets behind his beautiful blonde opponent and gets very handsy with her even playfully spanking her famous booty.

“That’s the way we’re going to do it?” declares Constance and JB replies, “That’s the way we’re going to do this!”

The two combatants tie up again and now it’s Constance’s turn to get handsy. They tie up for a third time and JB pushes Constance against the wall pinning her arms. He comes tantalizingly close to her face and Constance is ready for JB to kiss her and he pulls away. Frustrated, Constance and JB tie up again. Constance pushes JB to the wall and caresses his chest and then hits him with a barrage of belly punches. JB quickly reverses things and hits her with a few belly punches and a backbreaker. He even takes time to take a selfie with his defeated foe. He then turns his attention to her quite ample ass and he grabs a huge handful.

A bearhug wakes up his opponent and she counters with a couple of chops to the neck. Some well placed kicks subdue JB and Constance even enjoys spanking JB’s ample ass.
Constance pinches JB’s nipples and toys with JB bulge. Constance throws JB on the bed and a applies a vicious body scissors to JB with some additional nipple work.

A well placed Boston Crab as well as a few well placed butt drops finally subdue jobber JB.