*EXCLUSIVE* Team Dolce



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JB decides to join Team Dolce, but is not happy about his “uniform” which consists of a pink one-piece thong swimsuit that shows off his ass and cannot hide his constant erection. (He must secretly like his uniform!)  Dolce thinks that he looks great. “Pink is your color!” says the curvaceous blonde. Caroline Pierce enters wearing a pink bikini and Dolce is not happy that Caroline is stealing Team Dolce’s look. JB and Dolce combine for a ferocious attack on Caroline. Punches, spanking, crotch mauling are all used by Team Dolce to soften up Caroline. JB uses his strength to execute bodyslams to his opponent and also applies a bearhug and an airplane spin. The leader of Team Dolce is so angry that Caroline is wearing pink. JB applies a sleeper while Dolce applies some crotch splashes and crotch smothering. She wedgides and spanks Caroline while JB applies the muscle. They use Caroline’s flexability against her. Dolce even resorts to tickling Caoline’s famously pretty feet.

Team Dolce revels in their victory, but Caroline has other plans. She applies a double crotch grab to the pink jobber couple and proceeds to demolish the pink jobbers. Caroline spanks both of their ample asses and uses one opponent to knock out the other. Dolce begs Caroline to join Team Dolce. Caroline gives her answer in a series of humiliating submissions until they are both indesposed. Caroline wakes up the pink jobber couple with a double wedgie dragging the hapless duo into the living area and on to a couch for further jobber humiliation.

Caroline continues the onslaught with spanks and body splashes leaving her jobbers flailing. She applies multiple neck scissors to JB causing him an eye-rolling fake KOs. Bodypile fans will love this video as there are bodypiles a plenty in this video.