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This was made as a custom video. Dan and JB were asked to both wear masks and JB wore special shorts bought by the customer specially for this match. Dan and JB walk out. They face off kneeling on the mat in a living room setting. They tie up. JB gets Dan in a headlock. Dan suplexes JB onto the couch. Dan applies an abdominal claw. He then straddles JB and applies a front choke until JB passes out. Dan rolls JB off the couch and back onto the mats applying his foot to JB’s neck. He continues to foot dominate JB. Dan applies a sleeper hold that subdues JB.
Dan rolls JB onto his stomach and dry humps JB’s juicy jobber ass. Dan gives JB a wedgie, and bearhugs him and poses JB’s booty for the camera. Dan applies a spladle while fondling JB’s bulge and picks him up and carries the jobber off camera for some more fun.

JB is available for male vs male customs.