Fyona Ryder vs JB


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The famous catfighter Fyona Ryder has agreed to take on JB. JB figures that his chances might be better against a catfighter. He should have tried a catfight then because he once again gets destroyed.

We fade in to see Fyona face to face with JB. She looks amazing. Her shiny red thong leotard accentuates all of her curves. She is laughing at the pink pantied jobber. She points out that JB can’t even beat her catfight opponents. The two opponents start off with a test of strength which turns into a bearhugging battle. JB resorts to grabbing Fyona’s incredible ass and Fyona returns the favor by grabbing JB’s jobber booty. JB finally gains the advantage by shoving Fyona to the bed. JB does what he does best humping his opponent. JB then picks his curvy opponent up for a sidewalk slam followed by some crotch rubbing.

Fyona has had enough and lands a knee to JB’s face. A few belly punches soften JB up. He is thrown against the bed and is hit with a barrage of butt bumps followed by a stink face. A hip toss followed by a butt drop finishes the jobber. At least he gets to enjoy some face sitting by that voluptuous ass.