JB vs Invisible


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I have always enjoyed the “invisible opponent” wrestling matches from producers like Sleeperkid and I wanted to try to make one, so here it is.

Narrated by Caroline Pierce as his invisible opponent jobberboy JB enters with his new look in all pink. Caroline immediately makes fun of his attire calling his trunks “panties” all the time. JB flexes for the camera, but is immediately attacked by his invisible adversary. She stomps on his back and demolishes JB with suplexes, a pedigree, a running bulldog, a DDT, and more. The onslaught leaves JB dazed. He even humps the bed uncontrollably after being knocked out. All the while Caroline’s sultry voice humiliates him at every opportunity. Finally the invisible opponent finished JB off with a knocking him out while he plays with himself. (how humiliating). She then raises his arm for a 10 count to finish the match. For the ultimate humiliation, JB’s invisible opponent shoves a vibrator in his pink panties to jerk him off. JB twitches and humps the air as the vibrator arouses him and makes him rock hard. His invisible opponent laughs at his situation as JB’s panties get tighter and tighter as his bulge gets larger and larger until he dribbles his loser jobber cum all over the vibrator and himself as his opponent just laughs at his humiliation.