Mikayla Miles vs JB rematch


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JB returns for a rematch with Amazon Goddess Mikayla Miles. Mikayla knew that JB would return because they always return. JB is wearing his pink jobber singlet while Mikayla looks incredible in her came booty shorts and sports bra. They lock up and the strong amazon throws JB onto the bed. JB sexy tries a test of strength which he pathetically loses. Once again Mikayla throws the pink jobber onto the bed, puts him in an armor with one arm and performs a hand over mouth smother with the other hand.

Mikayla continues her domination of JB with the Mikayla Crackdown
She uses her long legs to perform a double leg drop on the hapless jobberboy. She then rag dolls his ass all over the bed. Toying with her pathetic jobber. Mikayla lifts JB off of his feet with a bearhug and then wall splashes him twice. She then repeatedly throws him onto the bed in her version of Suplex City. She finishes JB off with a splash and facesit. Her incredible strength is on display here over and over. If you want to see a strong woman overpowering a good sized male with legitimate strength this one is for you.