Crooked Ref


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We open the match with JB paying off referee Constance for her assistance hours before his match with Clever. JB and Clever, looking amazing in a black stirrup foot unitard,  face off and Special Referee Constance gets in between them. She gives Clever a thorough frisk which Clever protests to. Constance then gives JB a much more “friendly” frisk flirting with him. Clever and JB tie up in the middle of the ring and Clever applies a headlock but Referee Constance pushes her way in to break it up. JB and Clever tie up again and Clever applies a headlock and headlock takedown to JB and once again Referee Constance pushes her way to break it up.


Clever starts to argue with Referee Constance, and they restart for a 3rd time. This time Clever goes around JB and slams him to the mat. Referee Constance applies a slow count.JB takes advantage and hits Clever from behind. He bodyslams her and scores a quick 1 2 3 pin from Constance. Constance and Clever argue and insult each other.

Constance restarts the entire match and Clever throws a low blow to JB. Referee Constance has had enough and attacks Clever. She helps JB stand up and they double team Clever. They apply a double bearhug, a double clothesline, and a double chokeslam. They both pin Clever with Constance declaring JB the winner. They congratulate each other and start making out. After their “fun” they start making plans for the evening.Clever attacks from behind. She throws them into the corner and splashes them. Constance ends up on her back with gorgeous pantyhose feet up in the air and JB lands on his knees with his face in those sexy pantyhose feet. Clever applies a double bearhug to the hapless couple that drops them to their knees facing each other. She kicks them both in the chest repeatedly. Clever picks up JB in a show of strengthened slams him to the mat. She strips Constance of her referee stripes and chokes her with the shirt until she slumps her sexy body on top of JB leaving her wearing just a black bra and pantyhose her head laying on his crotch. Clever the slowly counts to 3 and poses over her 2 humiliated jobber foes.