Lora Cross vs JB 2


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JB has already lost to Lora Cross once Lora Cross vs JB. He now takes her on in an oil wrestling rematch. We begin with Lora already nude cutting a promo about how she’s going to easily defeat JB. JB has been in sexfights before and has done very well in them. Lora strips JB of his pink jobber panties and oils him up. As the two wrestlers oil each other up they tease each other, they kiss, they talk smack.
The oil wrestling may be some of the most erotic oil wrestling you have ever seen. Muscles glisten as each wrestler tries to gain advantage with their hands and tongues. Both Lora’s and JB’s skills are on display. Lora eventually wears JB down and defeats him.
In the punishment round JB must satisfy Lora. He uses his tongue to eat her pussy and ass. She then rides his jobber cock in an Amazon position to show her dominance over him. JB is folded up and used by Lora until she cums. She then leaves JB on the mat as the pathetic jobber he is.