Missy Deep vs JB


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We fade in and see Missy Deep cutting a promo. She doesn’t know how to wrestle but neither does JB so it will be an easy win for voluptuous Missy who looks incredible in her red outfit. The two opponents tie up and JB gains control by getting behind his opponent and applying a gut wrench to his Rubenesque adversary. He throws Missy onto the bed and starts to hump his opponent. JB applies a bearhug to Missy. Missy goes an the offensive and hits JB with some belly punches. She drags JB onto the bed and takes control with a spladle, even throwing in a few more jobber belly punches.

A reverse bearhug further weaken JB. Missy performs a few wall splashes followed by a butt bump leading to a classic stinkface. She throws JB on to the bed face down and gains control. Missy places JB in a crotch facing scissors leaving him no choice but to service his opponent orally.

Satisfied, Missy puts JB on his back and finishes him off with some splashes and face sitting.