Rachel Adams and JB Trapped in a Black Panty


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Rachel Adams and JB are a pantyhose wearing couple that are trapped inside of a large pair of black panties. The couple attempts to escape their predicament with no success. They push themselves apart, but slam their gorgeous bodies against each other. They keep trying and trying until they both fall onto the bed. Rachel lays on top of JB, their hot bodies grind and writhe against each other. You can see the strain on their faces as they try to push away from each other to escape.

They roll onto their sides to see if they can escape. There is still no success. Rachel rolls back on top of JB and they continue to try to escape. It seems likes the panty is winning as Rachel lays between JB’s legs. Rachel is finally able to get a leg free. The teamwork continues and they are finally free. The exhausted couple lie on each other before leaving their extremely strange predicament.