I love making customs. For those of you who do not know, customs are videos or photos paid by a customer based on what the customer wants to see in the video. It allows the customer to become the producer. He can decide on all aspects of the video. He can write the entire script including dialogue. He can pick the talent. He can choose the costumes. He can choose the makeup. The sky is the limit.

I enjoy seeing someone’s idea come to life. I like hearing the customer’s joy upon viewing the video.

Custom videos can be expensive, but can you put a price on getting precisely what you want down to minor details like hair up or down, toenail polish (for you foot fetish fans) or thong vs full back. You can even get your favorite model to be in the video (for a huge price plus travel expenses).

The picture is of  Titania. I worked with her several years ago and she was great. She is 5’4” 140 pounds with 40F breasts. She is shot a custom with  JB in a mixed match, which I will release exclusively to the site someday. If you have been thinking about getting a custom, now would be a good time. We have customs for every price range. E-mail your scripts to :

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