Bella Ink and JB vs Invisible


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The sexy Bella Ink and her partner JB take on an invisible opponent.Bella talks smack while JB flexes for the camera. The invisible opponent clubs both jobbers from behind. The invisible thrashes the two hapless jobbers as the invisible opponent continues to keep beating up the two hapless jobbers. The invisible opponent squashes both jobbers stacking them on top of each other. Bella punches her partner courtesy of the invisible opponent.

The invisible opponent forces Bella to scissor her own partner between her sexy legs. The opponent throws JB and Bella all over the bed. JB and Bella try to fight their invisible opponent to no avail. The opponent applies a pedigree to JB while Bella pleads for her partner. The opponent then stack the two pathetic jobbers on top of each other. The jobbers try to save each other, but their invisible opponent applies multiple moves including a headlock, double bear hug, double chokes, forced scissors,  a wedgie, choke slams. Even slaps and punches, and a sleeper on their own partner are applied by the invisible opponent.


The invisible opponent finishes them off with invisible choke slams. Fans of the invisible opponent series will enjoy this invisible handicap match.