Caroline Pierce vs JB-Ring Edition


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JB and Caroline have wrestled several times but for the first time they meet in a ring. Once again cocky JB thinks that he’s going to win despite never beating Ms. Pierce. JB is wearing a neon green thong and Caroline looks absolutely fierce in her red unitard. JB calls Caroline overrated. Caroline starts off with a punch to JB’s abdomen. A kick to his jobber booty puts the pathetic jobber down to the mat. She throws knees, she kicks, she throws jobber JB all over the ring, and applies all sorts of unique submission holds.

JB always brings out Caroline’s sadistic side and this is Caroline at her vicious best here. JB spends a a considerable amount of time with his face in Caroline’s famously ample ass. She does not forget JB’s most vulnerable area with a well placed foot to JB’s crotch. JB tries and tries to come back with no success. She spanks him, scissors him, and splashes him. Her ample ass is one of her trademarks and she uses it to subdue JB and takes her rightful place by sitting on JB’s jobber face.