Delilah Wilding vs JB


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JB takes on the Delilah Wilding. JB thinks that Delilah is a newbie and easy pickings, not knowing that Delilah has been training with Bettie Brickhouse. Delilah looks delicious in her blue bodysuit with matching kneepads. JB is in usual jobber pink. The two combatants circle and then tie up in a collar and elbow. They each try to gain control until Delilah places JB in a headlock and performs a headlock takedown.

JB tries to reverse the headlock and tries to pin his voluptuous opponent. Delilah reverses the hold and JB reverses back. Delilah punishes JB with a barrage of punches to his jobber head. Delilah picks jobber JB up and performs a snap mare. JB tries to defend himself by taking a turtle position. Delilah seizes the opportunity and humps JB. (He secretly loves it!) She pulls up on JB’s face and places him in a OKT backbreaker. To add insult to jobber injury Delilah adds some belly punches and throws him onto the mat.

Delilah throws JB again and finishes him off with a wall throw. She hits running splash. Pervy JB grabs her voluptuous ass. Delilah hits JB with a booty bump and a clothesline before finally finishing him with some butt drops.