Emma Switch vs JB


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JB takes on the muscular Emma Switch. JB thinks that his puny jobber muscles will impress Emma. Ms Switch flexes her biceps and JB is instantly intimidated. They tie up and Emma’s power is immediately on display as she easily throws JB onto the bed. She then surprises JB by grinding her muscular ass on his pink pantied crotch giving him the lap dance of his dreams. JB immediately gets aroused as his cock pokes out of his panties.

Emma picks up her jobber and subjects him to a series of knees while having him in a clinch. She once again throws JB onto the bed and toys with him. First she applies a reverse neck scissor so JB can watch her muscular ass up close. She strips him and slowly places him in an excruciating full nelson/body scissors combo. After toying with him she throws JB against the wall and splashes him. Pervy JB grabs her ass pulls down her top. She pays him back by jerking him off with her bicep. JB doesn’t get to finish because Emma finishes him with a running bulldog. She doesn’t even need to count as she claims her victory.