*EXCLUSIVE* Amazon Marcy vs JB


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JB takes on the statuesque 6’1” Amazon Marcy. JB thinks that The bigger they are the harder they fall.”; but the Amazon Goddess has other ideas. They tie up and Marcy places JB in the clinch and applies knees to JB’s abdomen then flexes for the camera. She then throws JB to the mat. The Brazilian beauty takes off her platform heels showing off her size 9 and a half feet for the camera. She tries to apply an armbar to the pink pantied jobber. JB tries to fight it, but a well placed foot smother weakens him enough for Marcy to place the armbar. She even stuffs her toes in JB’s mouth making him suck them.

JB stands up and is hungry for more punishment. Goddess Marcy throws some jabs and turns JB around with with a left cross. two well placed Karate chops send s JB to the mat face down ass up. JB gets up but not before grabbing the Goddess’ breasts. Marcy tackles JB and grinds her beautiful feet into his jobber crotch. She finishes him off with a bearhug to clothesline combo leaving him flat on the mat.