*EXCLUSIVE* Anastasia Rose vs JB


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Anastasia Rose takes on JB in this super hot sex wrestling video. The two horny opponents circle each other. JB is wearing his usual pink jobber panties and pink kneepads. Anastasia is wearing a black thong bodysuit and black kneepads. The opponents lock up and Anastasia places JB in a headlock. She grinds the headlock until JB picks her up and applies a front wedgie, even rubbing her vulnerable crotch to get her excited. He applies a side suplex. The pink jobber picks up Anastasia in a full nelson and rag dolls her and slams her onto the couch. JB places our beauty in a bearhug. Anastasia counters by applying chops to JB’s neck sending him into the wall. She then applies a wall splash and gets revenge for him feeling her up earlier in the match.

She tries to splash him again but JB moves out of the way at the last moment. JB takes advantage by grinding against Anastasia’s beautiful ass and taking her top down. JB then bodyslams the dark haired beauty, and finishes the job by removing her bodysuit. Anastasia traps JB in a neck scissor and JB escapes by eating her pussy. While Anastasia is getting aroused by JB’s mouth, he slams her with a power bomb. JB thinks that he has his opponent beat, and is about to give Anastasia her “prize” but a last ditch effort by Ms. Rose subdues JB. She applies a body scissors and places her pretty feet into JB face pulling on his arms. All JB can get is the sweet aroma of Anastasia’s succulent feet. She then finally subdues JB in a hold while rubbing her feet on his completely aroused cock.

Anastasia gains her victory by facesitting JB. The only thing that JB can do is to orally service the victor. When JB starts to use his tongue again, Anastasia is so aroused that she returns the favor by starting to servicing JB.