*EXCLUSIVE* Clever vs Trisha and JB


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We fade into JB and his partner Trisha Black in their pink singlets waiting for their match against Clever. The 2 jobbers are worried because Clever is so formidable. They decide to leave the ring before Clever shows up. They hold hands and try to run away and run right into Clever. Clever, looking incredible in a black stirrup unitard, grabs the two jobbers by the wrists and throw them into the ring.

She allows Trisha and JB to throw the first blow. The jobber team try to attack Clever with a barrage of punches and forearms. Clever hulks out and send the jobbers flying across the ring. She further punishes the incompetent jobbers by performing a double head knocker and a double temple drill.

The jobbers are placed against the ropes side by side and she throws double punches to their jobber bellies. A double clothesline, a double bearhug, and a corner body stack weaken the two jobbers. Clever’s belly punches causes Trisha to stink face her partner.
Trisha and JB are finally finished by a double chokeslam and a splash on their stacked jobber bodies.