*EXCLUSIVE* Team Dolce 2


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Team Dolce in their usual pink outfits take on Caroline Pierce who is wearing a Joker like green and purple outfit that hugs all her incredible curves. All of this action occurs in a ring this time! JB is pumping up his partner to take on Caroline,

and Dolce runs right into a belly punch which floors her. Caroline cannot resist attacking Dolce’s huge breasts that can barely stay in side of her pink thong leotard.

Dolce is so overwhelmed that her partner JB drags her into the corner and faces Caroline himself. Caroline quickly subdues JB with another belly punch and a kick to his jobber abs. Caroline is at her sadistic best as she stomps on JB’s pathetic jobber crotch.
The “Joker” takes advantage of Team Dolce’s “assets” She repeatedly attacks JB’s huge jobber cock and Dolce’s huge breasts.

She traps JB and Dolce in various scissors and neither JB or Dolce have the strength to pry Caroline’s powerful legs apart. There’s some great corner work as Dolce is thrown into her partner. In an amazing move, Caroline performs a corner stinkface that has to be seen to be believed. Team Dolce’s offense is pathetic. Caroline continue to beat the hapless duo over and over even places them in some compromising positions.

She strips both jobbers and places them into a pathetic nude jobber pile taking her victory pose.