Feisty Feminista vs JB


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JB our pink pantied jobber finally takes on Feisty Feminista in a singles battle. He has already faced her in Fiesty Feminista and Clever the Brave vs Felicia Fisher and JB with a resounding loss, but thinks that today will be different. Feisty looks absolutely incredible in her jaguar patterned thong leotard. The 2 opponents circle each other and lock up. Fiesty hits JB with a hip check and places him in a headlock. A series of punches softens JB up until he is laid out on the couch. Fiesty clubs JB across his chest and in an incredible show of strength she places him in a bearhug.

Fiesty toys with her opponent. She throws him into the wall and performs a wall splash. JB grabs her beautiful ass and Ms. Feisty is having none of that. She makes him smell her sweaty armpit and applies a stink face. Fiesty finishes JB off with a splash on the couch.