Linzy 19 vs JB


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The famous trans model Linzy 19’s incredible ass was created in a militarized lab. Now she wants to take on JB. JB is wearing his new pink lace panties. Linzy is wearing a black thong leotard that shows off her luscious ass. The two opponents tie up and JB uses his strength advantage and Gets Linzy in a chicken wing. Pervy JB grabs Linzy’s breasts and fondles her crotch. Linzy returns the favor and places JB in a chicken wing. JB reverses and once again gets Linzy in another chicken wing/boob grab combo. He lifts her up and slams Linzy on the couch.
JB picks up Linzy in a bearhug and she starts to hump JB’s muscular body. He picks up Linzy and bodyslams her onto the couch. JB can’t resist and starts to hump Linzy’s ass. The horny jobber then crosses Linzy’s pretty feet and pulls back on her arms. As JB punishes his opponent he humps her feet for his pleasure.
Linzy sees JB weakening and seizes the advantage bypulling JB down and shoving her foot into JB’s crotch making JB her submissive. One of JB’s many weaknesses is feet and Linzy shoves her feet into JB’s face. At the same time, she controls JB’s cock with her other foot. She grinds herself against JB’s BBC. She sits on his face getting satisfaction.
Linzy aggressively humps JB while she applies a fishhook. JB’s not used to being on the receiving end of aggressive humping. Linzy humps JB’s entire body until she cums all over JB’s face leaving him an air humping jobber mess.