Monica Merlot vs JB 3


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JB and Monica Merlot face off for the 3rd time. As they circle each other JB complains that Monica has been sharing all of his weaknesses (And there are many) to his opponents. They tie up and JB gains the early advantage with a gut wrench. Of course Ms. Merlot is not impressed so JB bodyslams her onto the bed. He adds a wedgie. JB places Monica in a camel clutch followed by a boob clutch and a fishhook.

JB drags Monica off of the bed for another power move, but Monica reverses things with a low blow and a crotch claw. A ballplex launches JB on the bed and Monica wedgies JB. She applies a neck scissors using those amazing thighs. Monica stinkfaces JB and makes him worship her feet. Monica splashes JB and pins him and enjoys her victory with a little facesitting.