Rachel Adams vs JB Chapter 3


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Rachel Adams returns to take on JB for the 3rd time. Looking absolutely amazing in a purple thong suspender leotard she faces off with JB who is sporting his trademark tiny panties. The stipulation of the match is that the winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser for 5 minutes. They start with a test of strength with JB slowly gaining advantage over his attractive foe. He finally pins Rachel down and straddles her. Rachel escapes by shoving one sexy foot in JB’s face and placing her other sexy foot on his crotch. She is able to get JB on his back with her foot still smothering his jobber face. JB finally escapes with a desperate trip of Rachel.

Cocky JB goes on the offensive with a series of power moves. JB applies a bodyslam, a torture rack, and a spine buster to soften up Rachel. He even uses his famous camel clutch/boob clutch further embarrassing Rachel. JB taunts his opponent. Rachel is mortified when JB applies a wedgie and start rubbing her crotch like the perv he is. JB tries to finish off his opponent and claim victory, but a well placed knee turns things around for Rachel.

She hand smothers JB and performs a hand smother camel clutch. Rachel applies a unique arm pull on her pathetic opponent shoving her feet into his mouth. Rachel then throws JB around like a jobber rag doll, and finishes him off with a tackle. She pins him in a humiliating matchbook pin and then takes her 5 minute victory by sitting on his face.

JB vows revenge, but how much more sexual can they make these matches?