Rachel Adams vs JB 6 (Mixed Pantyhose Wrestling)


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Rachel Adams and JB meet before their match. She thinks “We should make it more fun.” and gives JB a pair of black pantyhose to wrestle in. Rachel is waiting for JB on the bed in her nude colored sheer to waist pantyhose. JB walks in and Rachel admires how he looks in his pantyhose. The two opponents lock up and struggle to gain control. JB is able to get Rachel in a reverse bearhug and slams her face down on the bed. He starts to grind against her incredible body.

Rachel throws a couple of elbows and places JB into a headlock followed by her own reverse bearhug. JB escapes with a well placed elbow to the gut of Rachel. The pantyhose wearing jobber puts Rachel over his shoulders in a reverse torture rack. After dropping his opponent on the bed, JB continues the bearhug action. He uses forward and reverse bearhugs followed by a pantyhose front wedgie to weaken his adversary.

A donkey kick by Rachel turns the tables as she returns the pantyhose wedgie to JB. She puts JB in a chicken wing and throws him to the bed. Rachel the proceeds to show her superiority by putting JB into a forward and reverse neck scissors. To finish JB off Rachel puts him in a full nelson then slams him face first into the bed. She pins him and rides his face in a front and reverse face sit.

In an incredible feat of strength she performs an OTS carry of JB.