Rachel Adams vs JB Ring Edition


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Rachel Adams and JB have been wrestling each other for a couple of years now, but this is the first time that they go against each other in the ring. Rachel looks incredible in her blue bikini and JB is clad in his usual jobber pink panties and kneepads. The two opponents tie up and Rachel shoves JB down to the mat. They tie up again and this time JB hits Rachel with some shoulder blocks. He performs an armpull with the help or the ring ropes. JB is on the offense as he picks up Rachel with ease and applies some OTK backbreakers. He tests Rachel’s flexibility with a chin push while over his knee. 

A reverse bearhug gives Rachel the opportunity to turn the tables. She goes between her legs grabbing JB’s leg sending him crashing to the mat. A crosslegged armpull weakens JB more.Rachel throws JB into the corner and places him in a tree of woe, and punches and kicks her inverted foe. The onslaught culminates with Rachel grinding her pretty foot on his jobber cock. A series of throws leads to some splashes and a pinfall for Rachel.