Nadia White vs JB


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JB takes on Nadia White. No introductions, no trash talk, no promos. The two combatants immediately lock up. Nadia is looking incredible in her blue thong one piece with matching blue kneepads and JB is wearing red panties and matching kneepads. After a long struggle, JB gains advantage with some well placed forearms across Nadia’s muscular back. He applies a chicken wing, but Nadia escapes by throwing a few elbows. Nadia controls JB with a reverse headlock. She adds some well timed knees to weaken JB up some more.

JB gets dirty by hitting Nadia with a low blow. He pulls her top off revealing her incredible breasts. JB plays dirty when he grinds his forearm against Nadia’s crotch sexually arousing his opponent. JB then applies a series of power moves to soften Nadia up until she reverses a wall throw and softens him up with some punches to his jobber belly.

Nadia knows JB’s weakness for booty and she twerks that ass up on JB. He is mesmerized by that booty. Nadia performs a snap mare followed by a SICK dropkick to that jobber chest. She applies some amazing breast smothering even punching JB with her boobs. She completes the win with a DDT and a STF making JB tap out of a wrestling match for the first time.