Taboo Wrestling


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Dolce Vandela climbs into bed to wrestle her boyfriend JB. JB is wearing his pink singlet and Dolce’s orange one piece shows off all of her curves. As the two lovers enjoy wresting each other Dolce’s daughter played by Ziva Fey watches them. Ziva is enjoying watching JB and Dolce rub and grind over each other. Ziva gets quite aroused watching them.

Later on Ziva approaches JB on the couch and and let’s him know that she wants to wrestle him. JB is reluctant so Ziva takes matters into her own hand and wrestles JB down to the carpet. After getting JB into a figure four neck scissor he agrees to wrestle Ziva. He changes into his blue panties and they go at it.

Ziva goes after JB with an aggressive vengance. Armbars,face sitting,bearhugs are used by Ziva to destroy JB. She finishes him off with a series of scissors and some booty smothering.