Terra Mizu vs JB 2


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JB lost to Terra Mizu in Terra Mizu vs JB He is here for a rematch they lock up and JB gains the advantage by applying a headlock and throwing a couple of punches. He places her in an over the knee backbreaker abusing her sexy abs. Terra declares that she is, “Not going to lose to no speedo boy!” They tie up again and JB miraculously still gains advantage.

JB continues the onslaught with some offense that we have never seen from JB in … ever! He further weakens his opponent with a camel clutch/boob clutch combo, surfboard, wedgies, bearhug, and abdominal assault. Terra is never going to give up and gets JB down with a low blow which he reciprocates. He finishes the match with a dragon sleeper to a 3 count. JB then lifts his sexy opponent off the mat and challenges Ms. Megan Jones to a rematch.